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HCL Commerce

The ecommerce platform is one of the key decisions to make when looking to start or expand your online business.

And HCL Commerce is a choice of winner businesses around the globe.

Because your ecommerce platform must provide your business with the tools to win today and also enables you with resources to thrive tomorrow.

In order to win in the marketplace you must have tools and resources to acquire traffic, convert visitors into buyers and leverage recurring purchases.

HCL Commerce is a top platform in the world of e-commerce. And now is in a fast route of evolution and innovation towards an API native, headless commerce and mobile-first experiences.

Be prepared to implement, to upgrade or to change to your last ecommerce platform.

The champion is back to the game: HCL Commerce

Your business deserves a cloud e-commerce platform built for an omnichannel world.

As a market leader, it is capable to support easy to complex scenarios in B2B commerce, B2C stores and B2B2C business models.

HCL Commerce brings the power of the API economy by an API first architecture with a simplified yet robust infrastructure. Desgined for a cloud approach and natively prepared for Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

(you may know HCL Commerce by its former names – IBM Websphere Commerce, IBM Watson Commerce or IBM Commerce)

Built for the cloud with flexibility

HCL Commerce inherited the platform reliability from its previous versions.

But know your competition arena is different and you need more than technical trustability.

Your business needs an e-commerce platform that enables omnichannel sales in any language, device and currency.

Focus on business, not on tech stuff

On the administration perspective, HCL Commerce delights e-commerce manager with tools to focus on business, not on tech stuff.

Create and manage and sales promotions, offers, kits and recommendations easily and without needing code or development

Acquire and get most out of site traffic. HCL Commerce brings tools that leverage SEO, shopping flow, personalizable search and 1-click checkout

You can take advantage of seasonal stores, microsites and personalized experiences to convert more sales. 

You can do all of this by going live in “weeks”, instead of waiting many “months” to be online.

B2B commerce: the new frontier of the online business

Going online for B2B commerce is not as building a retail online store.

Business-to-business sales is far different from retail because you have (i) different prices for different customers, (ii) customized contracts, terms and conditions, (iii) multiple actors in the purchasing/sales process.

That said: a real B2B commerce is the one which brings to the online territory the 1-to-1 sales experience between sellers and buyers.

HCL Commerce brings tools to improve the experience of all the actors involved in the purchasing process. An effective consumerized experience.

It’s time to get started with your new ecommerce platform

At Partners Digital our focus is the customer experience. This is why you can count on our team to help you get the most out of your interactions with customers.

Our SAP capabilities helps you to integrate e-commerce, CRM and marketing to your backoffice to create truly seamless customer experiences.

We made and currently make it for many B2C and B2B brands. Some of them you may know, like BurgerKing or Whirlpool.

Those brands gave us the opportunity to widen our team’s point of view and experiences for us to be prepared to get started with you. Right now.